Prof.ssa Piera Di Martino

Associate Professor - President
Camerino University - RECUSOL

Associate professor (University of Camerino). Assistant professor (University of Lille,France) up to 1998. PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology (Lille,1993-1996). Degree in Industrial Pharmacy (Camerino,1992).

Coordinator of European Projects (VACPRODEL: Advanced Drug Delivery of Biotechnological Drugs: Vaccins and Proteins; “ADELBIOTECH: Advanced Drug Delivery of Biotechnological Drugs). School delegate for International projects. President of RECUSOL (Research for Customized Solutions), spin off of the University of Camerino. Director of NBA: “Science of Cosmetic and Dermatologic Products”. Professor of disciplines in Pharmaceutical Technology included Cosmetics. Author of more than 60 articles in peer reviewed international journals. Contributor in 60 international conferences.

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