Giulio Pirotta

Neovita consulting services

Ph.D Chemistry and technology of pharmacy, Pharmacy and Cosmetic Science Specialist. Professional consultant, technical manager and regulatory expert of cosmetic companies. Cooperated with world cosmetic companies and Universities gaining experience in regulatory, safety assessment and controlled release systems. Launched a company for the production of cosmetic patches controlled release delivery systems and a new technology delivery from fabrics.

He published duplicate lecture notes, articles in specialized and scientific journals, some specialized chapters in books, congress presentations.

Board member and regulatory officer of the Italian Society of Cosmetics Chemists. Chairman of International Conference of IFSCC2005.

Law court expert, MENSA International member.

Giulio Pirotta will be speaking at:

The Nagoya Protocol: a spy story on the cosmetic biodiversity conspiracy

2015/11/25 16:50 - 17:15

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