Dr M Doimi

D&D Consulting S.A.S. Italy

Dr. Doimi Mauro is a marine biologist, he set up D&D Consulting Italy in 1984. This company is multidisciplinary and works in different fields of marine research:  marine aquaculture Consultant (management); green economy CO2 trading market  and  Marine Active Compounds for cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Consultant.

D&D labs are located in Venice-Italy and in a travelling unit in Bora Bora, French Polynesia. D&D planned a system of integrated aquaculture for the production of many different species to be used as food, for aquarium purpose and for cosmetic raw market. Projects have been developed in tropical areas: Mauritius, Red Sea, Nigeria and actually in French Polynesia and Italy.

Doimi has focused the research in the field of Green Cosmetic Chemistry, with particular attention to CO2 sink technology applied to eco-friendly procedures.

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