REVERSKINÒ, a skin volumator smoothing active (ENG)

11:00 - 11:20

Ageing involves multiple processes as slowing down of keratinocytes renewal, destructration of the Dermo-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) and loss of skin cohesion. Consequently, the skin’s protective barrier becomes less effective and so dehydration sets in; the surface relief is thus disorganized and starts wrinkling.

To counteract ageing effects, GREENTECH has freshly developed REVERSKINÒ, for anti-ageing care: a skin volumator smoothing active. REVERSKINÒ is issued from a tropical fern, used in the traditional pharmacopoeia, and especially selected for its richness in phytoecdysones, with remarkable stimulating powers.

In vitro, REVERSKIN® stimulates epidermal renewal and stimulates the increase in major skin key components for resistance, firmness and elasticity (collagens IV and VII, Laminin 5, Perlecan).

Finally, the horny layer’s cohesion is optimum – so the skin is better moisturized: Hydration level is increased. Also, skin micro-relief and texture are greatly improved.

REVERSKIN® rejuvenates skin, by regenerating it more efficiently, faster and better, from stem cells to the stratum corneum surface. REVERSKIN® re-densifies dermal extracellular matrix, strengthens DEJ, increases epidermal thickness and restores the horny layer’s cohesion.

Restructured, the skin is more elastic, supple and firmer. REVERSKINÒ is a global anti-ageing that reverses skin ageing to the volume, structure, radiance and relief of a young skin.


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