Green Coffee the Anti-Aging Multitalent (ENG)

15:35 - 15:55

The unroasted green coffee contains not only the well-known caffeine. The major polyphenolic compound in coffee is chlorogenic acid, which consists of an ester family of quinic acid and certain trans cinnamic acids.

Chlorogenic acid provides Anti-Aging properties like the induction of ECM molecules, the induction of AQP-3 and Phase II Enzmes for detoxification. It also has strong antioxidant properties. All properties could be demonstrated either in vitro or ex vivo.

The wealth of Anti-Aging properties are only valuable when chlorogenic acid can penetrate into skin. Typically, penetration or permeation data are acquired in vitro using diffusion cells and excised human or animal skin. In recent years, Raman spectroscopy has been established as an alternative non-invasive method to directly determine penetrated actives in human skin in vivo by focusing a laser into the top layers of skin and recording the scattered Raman signals. With this technique, concentration profiles of penetrated actives and skin constituents can be directly extracted within the first 200 µm of the skin.

The result of this non-invasive in vivo measurement demonstrated a good penetration a green coffee active versus other green coffee extracts.


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