Stepan mild L3 : wellness in every drop

12:40 - 13:00

Stepan presents Stepan-Mild® L3 (INCI: Lauryl Lactyl Lactate), a naturally-derived emollient, suitable for either rinsed-off or leave-on personal care products.

Used as an additive, Stepan-Mild® L3 shows enhanced mildness, gives a creamy and luxurious touch to the foam while leaving the skin soft. In hair care products, it will bring easier detangling and sleekness, as a substitute for silicones or conditioning booster. Lastly, it can help solubilizing actives (eg. Salicylic acid…).

It is therefore a perfect fit for the “Less is More” current trend: a single, multi-functional ingredient delivering a more pleasurable experience, in many applications.


  • Laetitia Lebert Technical Manager Consumers Product, Europe - Stepan Europe SAS

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