Revitalising hair care: Exploring future raw materials (ITA)

15:15 - 15:35

Consumers want healthy looking hair. Two main trends influence their purchasing decisions. Developments in skin care and the green/natural/vegan trend. Botanicals are the fastest growing ingredient category in hair care. The trend for natural ingredients has been strong in hair care, with most companies launching products featuring nature-inspired ingredients. Plant-inspired and premium botanical ingredients are set to attract more consumers. Demand for sulphate-free and mild surfactant cleansers is continuously increasing year by year.

There are few purely natural ingredients in this market, with the focus tending to be on “naturally derived” options from plant or animal sources with more eco-friendly profiles.

Therefore, consumers tend to focus on mild products rather than natural products. A new category of active hair ingredients is emerging. Because of their success in skin care, peptides and amino acids could emerge premium ingredients in hair care. The consumption pattern of conditioning hair ingredients is getting closer to that of skin care. The share of emollients within conditioning ingredients is increasing. The green trend could also be responsible for consumers looking for alternatives to silicones and acrylic film formers. However, most hair care products currently contain silicones and will continue to do so to assure effectiveness. How the formulator can deal with these new market requirements?

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