Accelerated stability testing and comparative shelf life prediction of cosmetic products employing an innovative high resolution detection technique. Characterization of nano-particle dispersions.

09:45 - 10:10

Accessing physical and colloidal stability of cosmetic formulations is typically a challenging and time consuming task. Further challenges result from international regulations regarding Nano-particles in cosmetic products, i.e. SCCS/1484/12.

To shorten time to market accelerated, sensitive and efficient analysis procedures for stablity testing and formulation screening of even high concentrated formulations are needed.

The measurement of Space and Time resolved Extinction Profiles (so called STEP-Technology) allows for detailed in-situ visualization of separation processes with quantitative information on separation velocity (distribution), phase volume, supernatant residual turbidity, etc. Evolution and shape of profiles (fingerprints) reveals easily the state of dispersion allowing to classify stable and flocculated dispersions at original concentration.

Techniques discussed comply with ISO/TR 13097 – the Guidelines for the characterization of dispersion stability and enable formulators to

follow different concepts of accelerated stability tests and shelf life prediction [1].


This presentation discusses case studies on model emulsions and dispersions ranging from nail varnish via shampoo to sunscreen formulations. The usage of the presented innovative technique for physical stability and acceleration by temperature and /or higher gravity and prediction of shelf life by comparative analysis, as described in ISO/TR 13097, is highlighted.

Capabilities of this analytical approach (STEP-Technology) to characterize even nano-particles for cosmetic products are presented, employing NIR light and X-ray radiation.


  • Stefan Kuechler Head of Support ; LUM GmbH / Managing Director Qi Srl. - LUM GmbH

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