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ROELMI HPC è il partner globale in innovazione per il mercato Health & Personal Care market dal 1946.

Una vasta gamma di ingredienti funzionali e attivi, insieme a una vasta conoscenza nello sviluppo e protezione delle formule, permettono a ROELMI HPC di essere il supporto ideale per i formulatori con concetti completi e testati. In ogni campo di attività



BRASCA – ingredienti funzionali

PRINCIPIUM – ingredient attivi

BIOSCONTROL – know- how per la protezione della formula

ELEMENTI - know how per lo sviluppo della formula


ROELMI HPC is the global partner in innovation for Health & Personal Care market since 1946.

A wide range of functional and active ingredients, together with a strong knowledge in formula development and protection, permits ROELMI HPC to be the partner leader in supporting formulators with complete and tested concepts, in each step of their activity.



BRASCA - Functional ingredients

PRINCIPIUM - Active ingredients

BIOSCONTROL - Know how on formula protection

ELEMENTI - know how on formula development

Categories: Animal Origin Waxes, Anti-aging, Anti-redness/ Anti-couperose, Anti-stress, Anti-wrinkle, Antimicrobials, Blends/ Self-emulsifying Bases (O/W), Chelating/ Sequestering Agents, Co-emulsifiers, Cold Process Emulsifiers, Conditioning, Depilatory, Dispersant, DMDM Hydantoins, Emollients, Emulsifiers, Emulsifiers O/W (Oil in Water), Emulsifiers W/O (Water in Oil), Esters, Exfoliants/Peeling Agents, Fats, Fatty Acids, Film Formers, Firming Agents/ Botox-like, Healing, Lightening/ Whitening Agents, Mineral Origin Waxes, Moisturizing Agents, Oils, Preservatives, Protective Agents, Radiance Promoters, Slimming Agents, Smoothing Agents, Solubilizers, Solvents & Carriers, Soothing Agents, Specialties, Squalanes, Surfactans, Synthetic polymers, Synthetic Waxes, Thickeners & Stabilizers, Undercylenic Acids & Derivatives, Vegetail Oils, Fats & Waxes, Vegetal Origin Waxes & Butters, Waxes, Waxes/ Consistency Factors

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