Cosmetici “sensoriali”: strategie formulative e valutazioni in uso

16:25 - 16:50

One of the challenges issued by the market to the formulators is to create cosmetics capable of awing at once, synergistically acting on all senses. When the skill of tickling sight, touch, smell and even hearing has a significant impact on the perceived quality and the sensory “memory” of the consumer, then the cosmetic is a winning product.

Both the substance and the effect created at once are among the very first key elements to confirm the success of the product, which expresses itself in a “sensory experience” during its application phase.

From a technical point of view, formulators can act on virtually endless variables in order to obtain the desired effect: oil blends, gelling agents, texturizing agents, fragrances and moisteners skillfully balanced turn into the perfect product from the sensory standpoint. Selecting optically active elements in the formulations is paramount: those elements are able to visibly change the treated area in a wonderful way, thus satisfying the consumer at once.

A challenge inside the challenge is to scientifically “evaluate” impressions which are personal by nature to create the knowledge of this type of analysis in the research laboratories.

Spreading value as well as picking can be easily measured by means of the consistency meter. Double-blind evaluations of textures with reference to the benchmarks must be included in a multidimensional matrix which will become an essential part of product technical sheet.


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