Stand: IN012

Telephone: +39 045 4938090
Address: Via Corte Ronchi 81c, 37015 Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR), Italy

Company Profile

Open-Co is a diverse IT company: our team of chemists, biologists and engineers come from different fields of expertise, working with us to bring their first-hand experience and knowledge.

We are passionate about the planning, development and implementation of unique software solutions for the management of testing Laboratories, Quality Systems and Production Control.
Strong product innovation and specific know-how are the key factors that enabled us to rise in both the Italian and foreign market.

Our solutions today are some of the best software applications for Quality Control thanks to the constant collaboration with our clients.
We do what we do because we enjoy imagining in-the-now solutions directly from an almost-near-future.

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