Eurochemicals Spa

Stand: 414
Category: Alginic Acids & Alginates, Anti-acne, Anti-dandruff, Anti-pollution, Anti-wrinkle, Antioxidants, Antiperspirants/ Deo-actives, Carrageenans, Coloring Pigments, Hair Bleaching cream/paste, Hair Bleaching oil, Hair Bleaching powder, Hair dye oxidative colorants, Hair dye semi permanent colorants, Hair dye temporary colorants, Heating, Humectants, Moisturizing Agents, Opacifying Products, Pigments, Protective Agents, Restructuring/Replenishing Agents, Softening/Texturing Agents, Specialties, Treated Pigments & Powders

Telephone: 02 27306243
Address: Viale Emilia 92 20093 Cologno Monzese (MI) Italia

Company Profile

Eurochemicals S.p.A. is a supplier of raw materials and specialty ingredients for chemical and cosmetics industries. Today, in an everchanging global economy, Eurochemicals keeps its commitment to propose high quality products and services. The cosmetic division is increasingly focusing on the research of innovative raw materials and in line with the market trends. Eurochemicals makes every effort to satisfy the customer's needs, aspiring to be to become a reference company for the cosmetic industries.

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